Licensing and Financial Support Business

Licensing & investment business

We are aimed to create a new stage of drug discovery in China market.

Based in Japanese and Chinese markets, we provide a variety of solutions for drug discovery startups and academia that own outstanding drug candidates in Japan, as well as companies that have already acquired manufacturing and marketing approval of drugs/medical devices. These include financing support such as out-licensing to China or other Asian countries and investment, consulting on overseas expansion, network construction in China, and management support.

    <Why EPS Medical Consultancy?>

  • Local network in China
  • Global research know-how
  • Cooperation with EPS Group
  • We are cooperating with AIS Biotech, a life science business subsidiary of strategic partner AIS Capital”
Licensing and Financial Support Business

Japan-China Medical Exchange Business

This business provides opportunities for active interactions between Japan and China in the life science field across nations, companies, academia, etc.
We will collaborate and cooperate with the participants in the exchange program and contribute to the creation of new business opportunities.
We offer a variety of forms of exchange, with the following activities as our main focus.

Japan-China Medical Exchange Center

  • Short-term exchange event or seminar
  • long-term workshop
  • Online exchange meeting
  • business promotion activities
  • Joint research support activities
  • Support for participation in overseas exhibitions, etc.
  • Opportunities other than the above are also available

In our medical exchange business, we are collaborating with Japan-China medical exchange center, an NPO . Our exchange programs have been attended by a variety of stakeholders, including medical societies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, startup companies, investment funds, and relevant government divisions (actual number of attendees in FY2021: approximately 12,000).

Japan-China Medical Exchange Business

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