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A healthcare-specialized trading company that connects Japan and China

EPS Medical Consultancy (Japan) Co., Ltd. is the core of EPS Creative Health Technology Group Limited (Hong Kong)’s healthcare business.
EPS Medical Consultancy (Japan) Co., Ltd. is engaged in three main businesses.
First, as a Japan-China CRO, it provides clinical trial-related services to Japanese pharmaceutical companies to support their entry into China.
The second is support for licensing and investing in seeds of Japanese and Chinese start-ups, and medical exchange between Japan and China.
The third business is pharmaceutical development business, which provides One Stop Solutions for drug discovery companies in Asia including China that are seeking to enter the Japanese market, including drug discovery startups and academia in Japan.
As a specialized healthcare company that delivers promising drug candidates of pharmaceutical companies, biotech startups, and academia to markets in Japan and China, we hope to contribute to the provision of new value and to the drug development ecosystem.
W e are combining 3 business as a new business – IRO (Innovative Research Organization), aimed to establish a new service model.

Representative Director Message

Kosuke Kuronuma

Representative Director
Kosuke Kuronuma

Aimed to be a drug discovery platform that serves as a bridge between Japan and China

EPS Medical Consultancy (Japan) Co., Ltd. was launched on June 23, 2022 as a separate entity to separate the drug discovery support business between Japan and China and in Japan from EPS Innovative Medicine (Japan) Co., Ltd. which was launched on October 8, 2021 as the first drug discovery company of EPS Group.
Recently, the environment surrounding drug discovery in Asia, especially China and Japan, has been changing dramatically.
In the past, major pharmaceutical companies invested a great deal of resources in research and development of pharmaceuticals for many years. In recent years, about 80% of the world’s drug discovery and development market has been developed by biotech companies.China is also a huge market with the world’s largest population, and has positioned the pharmaceutical and biotech business as one of its major national strategies, investing significant funds and resources.

This has led to an increase in the number of pharmaceutical companies in China and an increase in clinical trials for Japanese pharmaceutical companies seeking for approval and to sell in China.
Also in Japan, the landscape of drug discovery is changing dramatically. The number of drug candidates originating from academia and the number of biotech companies are also increasing.
As a specialist healthcare company linking Japan and China, we aim to serve as a bridge between pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and academia in order to deliver promising drug candidates of medicine to markets in Japan and China. We hope to provide new value and build a new drug development ecosystem.
We look forward to be of service to you.

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